ADG419 LC2MOS Precision Mini-DIP Analog Switch

Product Details

The ADG419 is a monolithic CMOS SPDT switch. This switch is designed on an enhanced LC2MOS process that provides low power dissipation yet gives high switching speed, low on resistance, and low leakage currents.

The on resistance profile of the ADG419 is very flat over the full analog input range, ensuring excellent linearity and low distortion. The part also exhibits high switching speed and high signal bandwidth. CMOS construction ensures ultralow power dissipation, making the parts ideally suited for portable and battery-powered instruments.

Each switch of the ADG419 conducts equally well in both directions when on and has an input signal range that extends to the supplies. In the off condition, signal levels up to the supplies are blocked. The ADG419 exhibits break-before-make switching action.

The ADG419-EP supports defense and aerospace applications (AQEC)


  • Precision test equipment
  • Precision instrumentation
  • Battery-powered systems
  • Sample-and-hold systems

Features and Benefits

  • 44 V supply maximum ratings
  • VSS to VDD analog signal range
  • Low on resistance: <35 Ω
  • Ultralow power dissipation: < 35 μW
  • Fast transition time: 160 ns maximum
  • Break-before-make switching action
  • Plug-in replacement for DG419